placesI happen to know you go places where
people bring dogs, but you don’t bring me.
I know this because you just took a photograph
of a Pomeranian named Gracie Bear
with black fur and a red leash
who seemed to be drinking beer at a burger joint.
She was sitting right up on the lap of some blonde
getting ready to imbibe.
I’m not asking to sit on your lap.
I’m too big for that.
I know how to lie under a table quietly.
I’m not asking for beer.
I know better. Alcohol is a depressant.
I’m not asking you to be blonde.
I like you the way you are.
I’m asking you to leave your bicycle home
and take me to dinner.
How about it?

Advice from Oliver: Take me with you,
especially if you sit outside. I am at least as cute as Gracie Bear.

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