herdingThis morning we put the cabin dock in the water. I helped immensely. Four big guys in swim trunks and high boots unloaded themselves and their tools from a noisy truck. I rounded them up, nipped at their heels, barked my best herding barks, and down they ran right into the icy lake.

I have a way of making things go faster. They were very cold and shouted all kinds of words I didn’t understand. They were probably telling me how well I rounded them up. One said the cold water turned him into a girl.

I splashed into the water after them to wade and show off my great bravery. They called you down to the dock to come and get me. You ran to me and leashed me up. My job was done. I performed quite well, I think. They helped, of course. I believe in doing my share.

Next week, most of my family including their dogs will be with us to play on the dock. Maybe it will stop raining by then. There will be lots of frogs and food and good smells. Dog, we will have a good time.

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