attentionI have a spot where I look outside to the world. Sometimes you come and watch with me. Today we saw something unusual. You were talking to a friend on your cell phone and telling her what we saw. A bent-over man was walking a very small dog, maybe a Yorkshire terrier. He was holding an extend-a-leash, the kind you would never ever use because you like to keep me close to you and you don’t want to trip anyone with the leash. The man wore shorts with a belt, dark socks pulled way up, old shoes, a blue hat, a tee shirt and glasses. In addition to his dog, the man was holding a little bowl filled with water and several baggies.

It was very hot out. The man was tripping over the leash and trying to balance the baggies in one hand and the bowl and the dog in the other. The dog took two tiny steps and stopped. The man took two more steps. The dog took two tiny steps and stopped again. The man put the water dish down. The dog didn’t drink. The man picked up the water dish and took two more steps. The man’s mouth turned down and the dog didn’t look happy either. The man put the water dish back on the sidewalk, and the dog did not drink. The man picked up the dish and took more two short steps. The dog would not budge. The man tried this once more, but the dog refused to walk.

Finally, the man picked the dog up under his arm, continued to balance the water in the dish, holding the baggies, and continued down the sidewalk until he crossed the street. You laughed and laughed so hard, you were holding your stomach. I did not understand why you were laughing. The dog did not want to walk or drink water. The man wasn’t listening to the dog. The dog was small but he had a big brain. He finally made the man understand what he wanted.

Oliver’s Advice: You must pay attention to your dog. S/he is speaking to you without words.

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