I also have many, many four-footed fans.

I will name some of them: Issy,  a little Wheaten Terrier who had me for a sleepover in Venice Beach and still claims I have marvelous manners even after I lifted my leg on her bed (see below: she’s quite comfortable with me); Britt (the dark little lass, also below) who chased me around a snowy park in Denver; Mac, a Beardie who people think is my big brother; Nina, my first kiss; Patches, my very brave kitty friend; Richie, Stevie, Princess, Sally, Kurry, Prince Myshkin, Sally, Daisy (2 of them), Finnegan, Mattie, Iris, Duncan, Bianca, Mercury, Joe Meower, Max. The list goes on. Please subscribe if you want special mention. It’s hard to keep up with my expanding fan base.


I am in love with life and hope you feel the same way, at least some of the time. It is true I snatched a roast right off the counter yesterday. I can be sneaky, and lightning-fast, but I accidentally made a  slurping sound which you heard. I left the carrots and onions and potatoes. Just took the aromatic roast.  You snatched it from my hungry jaws, washed it off, cut off the bite marks, and that was the end of my negative consequences. You were not in love with me at that moment and put me in my kennel for some brief, quiet time.

Advice from Oliver: Love takes many forms.



  1. My best Buddy, handsome Oliver. It’s Issy’s and her mom Bunny. Bunny is one of you animal-human fans. You and
    my mom had 2 sleepovers as I recall. You and I have had one so far. Issy, I am looking forward to a Re-Sleep and play with you.

    I want you to be the first to know that I received my Service Dog documents last week. Today was our first family outing to Ikea and the grocery store. I can tell you that I was almost perfect. Ikea was a tad over whelming, but I did settle down by the time we were in the check out lane. On the other hand the grocery store, to borrow a phrase, was a fanatic Dog Cookie!

    My mom has been doing a good deal of research and you and I are both 6 years old. That is perfect; because now we have even more in common, and loads of life experiences.

    I enjoy your mommy reporting all your adventures. They make us miss you and your wonderful parents even more then we already do!!

    So here is your assignment, don’t let mommy fall on the ice when you go for walks and just stay the same sweet person I like, you are NEARLY PERFECT.

    Until we talk again,

    Love from
    Issy and her mom and dad


  2. Issy, You have quite a job. Taking care of a human requires a sense of humor, that I can tell you. I never said I was perfect. I am very lovable, though, like you. Love, Oliver


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