Above is my before photo. I am sad and smelly and weary after almost two weeks of wearing a dreadful white plastic cone around my neck.  My wonderful doctor removed a lumpy cyst from my eyelid, but then you made me wear this noisy, ugly, white thing. I even walked around outside with it where other dogs and people could see me. One person called it a lampshade. Oh, dog, I am such a good sport! I never complained. I never tried to take it off. Well, only once. I am a very good boy.

I was rewarded. I was so excited to go to the vet, I practically ran inside. I knew what was coming. He removed my eyelid stitches with a sharp, shiny instrument. You held my legs firmly on the cold table and told me I would be okay and I believed you. You discussed how thin I’ve gotten and I listened and was very happy that you said I could eat more since I love to eat.


After my stitches were gone, you drove me to the groomer who makes me beautiful. Her name is Bonnie. Isn’t she cute? She has been grooming me and all my predogcessors since 1972. She doesn’t look that old, does she? That’s because dogs make her laugh and sing. I like Bonnie even though I don’t like her hair dryer. Hair dryers are second to skateboards in my opinion.

Doctors and groomers make my life better. I am pretty close to perfect again.

Advice from Oliver: If you wait long enough, hard things get easier.


  1. Dear Oliver:

    We are so pleased you are no longer in danger of being called a cone head. The recovery is bad enough without having to bang your way through spaces you know like the back of your paw.

    All of our dear departed Airedales and Bassets have visited Bonnie at Royal Pet. Not since 1972, but for a long time. She is so good, so nice, and dare I say, yes, I admit, cute.

    I am so pleased that you are nearly perfect again. Another close call.

    Next weekend we will receive two foster Bassets to live with us. They are rescues from Oklahoma and really need a change of scenery. We believe they are mother and son. We are very excited. They are much younger than our usual guests. Mom is 5 and Son is 3. We have a shaky record in these foster matters. We have permanently adopted more than we have sent on to forever homes. This is the Failed Foster Syndrome. More later.

    David and Mary Ann



  2. Oliver,

    We have No Idea that this was going on . My whole family feels so sad for you. No one should ever laugh at you.

    We are happy that this behind you.

    You are a handsome fella.

    We love you. Issy Bunny and Jay



  3. Dear Oliver,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you had to go through all that. I too would also be very miffed to have to go outside with a cone over my entire face. I hope your mom is giving you some good food to help you put back those pounds you lost. You look very beautiful!


  4. Dear OLIVER
    Thanks for the update. You are lucky to have such a caring mom. She really
    loves you and is so proud of you. Think about it, she is telling the world about you. Hope you will be able to handle the fame. She’s been grooming you for this!! Ha, ha, pun intended.

    I wonder if you received my email sometime ago. I am not sure how best to handle the difference between ” respond above this line” and “comment”, below your post. Any preferences / advice??

    Love from Jerusalem.
    PS you look gorgeous.



    1. Chere petite,

      Je ne sais pas la reponse a ta question, mais merci bien pour ta commentaire.


      Sent from my iPhone



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