Okay, I admit it. He’s my new best friend. 

At the beginning, I had my doubts.

He thought my tail was dental floss.

A few warnings and he quit. He learns fast.

I am very happy we have Biscuit. 

We play tug.

He cleans up after me when I drop treats

from my mouth. 

Maybe I can teach him to bring in the paper and mail.

He keeps us company on my early morning walks.

He sits outside on the deck with me and

we guard the perimeters together.

He’s almost up on the window seat

where I will share my favorite spot with him.

We’ll see how that goes.

Life without him was wonderful, but I like this too.

We haven’t been left alone yet.

He likes classical music when he naps in his crate.

Stephanie has brought many, many toys for Biscuit,

and he and I have been destroying them one by one.

Disappeared are a one-eyed red octopus,

a snow-man with a tempting scarf, several stringy thingies,

and lots of other things I can’t remember.

Advice from Oliver: Change can bring opportunity. Take Biscuit, for instance.

9 thoughts on “PUPPY LOVE

  1. OK Oliver, You can teach Biscuit everything and he will teach you a few things himself. Don’t you think he will look really cute in you Christmas stocking?


  2. Thank you for the wonderful essay about the new puppy joining your family. It is a breath of fresh air and will be saved and re-read often. Thank you . A

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