My first horse, Cricket

Yesterday, I went to a farm belonging to a very nice person named Ellie. She let me go into her barn and meet Cricket, a good horse. At first I thought I was supposed to work there. Since I’m a sheepdog, I’m always ready to round up the herd. I wanted to herd her, but you explained she didn’t need to be herded, so we walked together peacefully all around the pastureland: Cricket, led by Lucy, her best friend, you and I. We were a beautiful foursome. Cricket is my first horse. I wasn’t sure about her at the beginning. I’ve never known a horse before, but now I like everything about her. I like the delicious way she smells. I like her beautiful eyes, outlined in white. I like her big feet. I like her red coat. I like her long swishy tail that has grass at the bottom. She is a glamorous Arabian. If I lived closer to her, she and I could talk dog/horse talk. That’s a language we would develop over time. I wonder if she could outrun me.

When we left the farm, there was a committee of four to say goodbye: two goats, a llama, and a mule. I had a great time. Biscuit was too little to come. He stayed home. Maybe next time. We’ll see.

Photographs courtesy of Cricket’s best friend, Lucy.

Advice from Oliver: It’s never too late to meet a horse. I’m eight years old and I have a very open mind.

13 thoughts on “My first horse, Cricket

  1. Oliver, you have amazing adventures with your human mom. You are charming, and clearly are very good at making new friends. You can never have too many animal friends.


  2. Oliver, you are a star.You became a friend of Cricket’s instantly. And then you watched your mom hop on top of Cricket! She was a star too. Hopefully you, Biscuit, and your Momwill come back to play some more!


    1. Hi, Bernice, He didn’t really get close to the llama or goats or mule. Just Cricket. Love you.

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