Our New Beardie Pal

Hello, all my fans and loved ones. Notice the little pup trying to upstage me? His name is Doyle, a nine-month-old puppy without a permanent home. Biscuit and I tried to ignore him at first. Then I mounted him.  He is beautiful so I thought that was the right thing to do. You shouted at me, “No, no!” so I stopped momentarily. Then I let Doyle play tug with my favorite toy. That was very generous of me. Next I knew, he was a part of our pack…Biscuit, Iris, Daisy and I, and…ahead by a tail, Doyle. We all chased around the yard, and Doyle was pretty speedy. After that, we three Beardies ran in circles around the log pile, behind the trees, around the house, circling the fire pit, making much bark noise. “Come inside!” you yelled after we had circled the yard ten times. 

I like puppies for a few minutes, but they make me quite tired. After we came inside, we slurped water from a stainless bowl and fell asleep. 

Doyle’s whole foster family wants him to live with us, but you say it’s too much work to brush and comb three Beardies. I say we are worth every brush stroke. I felt a hole in my belly when he jumped up in Stephanie’s car and left us. He’s gone now and you say Biscuit and I are enough.

Does anyone have a home for him? Beardies are adorable. How can you resist us? LMK if you want him (that’s an acronym for Let Me Know.) Remember I have a very large vocabulary, and I occasionally whip out my hip 2022 lexicon as well.

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