The Big Park and the Rabbit

Today was extra delicious. You took us to a great big place where Biscuit and I ran around free without our harnesses or leashes. I don’t think you had as much fun as we did.

I’m cute, sure, I know that. But, I’m even cuter with a dead bunny hanging from my mouth. I think it adds to my overall shaggy allure. I was lucky enough to find a juicy rabbit hidden way down next to the water. Someone else made him stop moving before I found him. I didn’t have to do that part. Once I had him firmly in my teeth and fended off Biscuit and our friend Freya, I ran you all around the big park for quite a long time with guts and blood dripping on the snow.  It’s wonderful to be off leash! The bunny’s hippity-hoppity legs flopped up and down out of my mouth when I ran. We were a beautiful sight, fit for the slickest outdoor magazine. Dawg, this was my lucky day. And it made such a delicious crunch when I chewed him, bones and all.

Your voice had a different tone when you called me to come. I think you knew it was hopeless to get me to let go of the delicious food. You sounded, well, like you were seeing a different side of me. I let you get really close and then I’d run away again. I am faster than you are and we both know it.

 You tried so hard with the treats I usually get including a small scrap of dried bacon to bribe me to drop my treasure. You didn’t honestly expect me to drop the rabbit for measly dog treats, did you? I am an animal like you. One major difference between us is that I don’t need an oven to cook my food. I like it raw. I had so much fun.

That was the best rabbit I’ve ever eaten. Come to think of it, it’s the only rabbit I’ve ever eaten.

Now I have new knowledge of what those furry things taste like—you know, the ones that come at dusk and chew on your favorite plants—those things. Rabbits. Bunnies.

Do you still love me? You made me stay on the deck for awhile. Usually, when I scratch on the door and bark twice, you let me in. This time, I had to bark many times. I can’t really count. You leashed me up, brought me directly to the bathtub, scrubbed my face and my chin until there was no more bunny aftertaste. The flavor faded with the peanut butter flavored enzymatic toothpaste that you scrubbed onto my teeth. You also gave me a pill.

I hope that bunny didn’t make me sick. You got on your tappity tap tap machine. I’ll bet you were sending Freya’s mother a message. I think it might have had something to do with Freya, in case the bunny leg I left her didn’t agree with her. You gave her a couple of pills too, just in case.

I think I’ve lost my sleeping-on-your-bed privileges for awhile.

Advice from Oliver: Take full advantage of every opportunity to search and find new dining delicacies. Exciting experiences await you over every hill.

6 thoughts on “The Big Park and the Rabbit

  1. Oliver, I didn’t realize what a gourmet you are…. Just hope that bunny stays down.
    You are lucky your Mom takes such good care of you.


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