It’s very dark in there. She likes it that way.

Hello, my dear friends, I don’t think you’ve heard about Iris and Daisy, but they are not as sociable as I am. You can see Iris in the photograph above. She is hiding under the covers. She likes it there but you would never catch me under the covers. That’s because our progenidogs come from different climates. Our continents divided us. Mine was Europe as in Scotland. Hers was Africa as in Rhodesia. But now we live in America. We are immigridogs.

This enforced isolation is very hard on me and on my family. We are doing our best. We have had to cancel more activities than you can shake a stick at, and you know how much I love shaking sticks. No more airport. No more children. No more University. No more scarves that show me off as who I am, a therapy dog. No more showing off period–just walks outside in the air with a friend who can’t hug me or anyone else. I love our friends. I am grateful we can smile all over each other and wag our tails.

But, this means you will stay home more and I will stay home more and Daddy will stay home more. We will straighten and clean and read and write and listen to music and all those wonderful things we really do love to do. So it’s going to be okay!!

We are very lucky to have kibble in our bowls and a warm place to sleep. It’s okay to have less to do.

Advice from Oliver: We still have love. We can fill any cart with that.