Large Mouth Bass and Raven and I

My dear fans and loved ones,

Our friend, Raven, went fishing. She just learned how

and with her magic “swim shad,”

she brought all kinds of dancing fish to our dock.

The large mouth bass were beautiful– yellow skin and pink gills,

and a big yawning mouth shaped like an O like my name, Oliver.

This one weighed almost 3 or 4 pounds, give or take (that means we don’t know).

I weigh 46 pounds, give or take.

If she had put the bass down, I could have kissed it. It had its mouth wide open.

After she caught every fish, she gently placed them back in the lake. That was good.

You told me it’s called “catch and release.”

They all went swimming away afterwards, except for one.

We watched it flipping and doing its water dance..until it stopped.

It didn’t swim anymore after that and we felt very sad.

Some big animals like to play with smaller animals

and sometimes the smaller animals stop moving afterwards.

I’m glad no one catches and releases me. I’m a Bearded Collie, not a fish.

Sometimes I swim when I’m very hot, but only a little.

Advice from Oliver: If you are swimming close to our dock, be careful of Raven’s swim shads.