I keep watch and I keep cheerful. I bark at suspicious people from inside our watching place. Masks don’t scare me. But, when people don’t keep their distance, and we are walking, and someone comes up behind us and tries to squeeze in between us and other people, I might jump on them. Last week, I jumped on someone wearing orange pants. He came WAAAAY too close to us and you didn’t like it one bit. I had to show him what happens when he doesn’t keep six feet away, but he didn’t slow down. I think he knew he had done something wrong.

We’ve been walking a lot lately. Even Daddy walks with us now. That is doggone great. When we’re all together, I don’t have to put my paws up on Daddy’s lap to remind him it’s time to go out. There are a lot more dogs on the street than I ever saw before. I like all the good sniffs they leave. Wowee.

We have just as much fun as always, except I really miss going to work, giving therapy to other people.

Advice from Oliver: Wear your mask until further notice. I love you all and don’t want any of my fans to get sick.