You need me to bark when I hear or smell danger.
I need you to feed me and give me water that won’t make me sick.
You need me to help take care of people who need comfort
I need you to help me find the right people for therapy.
You need me to keep you company and watch over you.
I need you to feel as important as I am.
You need me to guard your house.
I need you to bring me inside when there is loud noise.
You need me to walk with the new baby.
I need you to keep the buggy from rolling over my tender paws.
You need me to love everybody.
I need you to keep away people who might step on my tail.
I need you to brush and comb my hair.
You need me to get attention for being beautiful.
You need me to believe in forgiveness.
I need you to hear another heartbeat besides my own.

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