My life is never quiet, but I have been on duty for the last month, so I haven’t had a lot of time to let my public know what I’ve been doing. Some of you have been wondering when you would hear from me. I am back.

I have kept up with my usual activity of shoe stealing and patrolling the neighborhood from my perch on the lake. However, my main job has been to watch over you as you recover from yet another surgery, this one on your right hip. You are already taking me for walks, me on your left and a walking pole on the right. We are a fabulous team-you and I. l am very proud of us. You tell me to walk slowly and I mind you. I am so incredibly well-behaved, especially when you keep me on a short leash.

We have had lots of company. Friends have brought flowers and cards and food. I love our friends.

In just a few weeks, I am back on duty at three schools…Kenwood Elementary, Southwest High School, and the University of Minnesota. I can’t wait to see everyone and to let them pet me. We are also going to try our luck at the airport. It may be too much commotion for me. (In case you want to know, other words for commotion are brouhaha, hoopla and tumult. My goal is to expand your vocabulary as well as mine). So, as I was saying, we are going to try the airport too. Oh, dog! That could be a lot of fun. I will have many stories. Stay tuned.

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