I’m so chill!

OLIVER ON FRONT DECKOn the job, people say, “Is he always this chill?”

I’m a such a good boy when we work as a therapy team that I fool most people. I lie down and let people pet me. That’s my job. Who wouldn’t love it?  After 150-200 children, pilots, TSA agents, and random parents pet me, I stretch out on the tile floor at the MAC airport and enjoy the feeling. Today, a man said to me, “If I didn’t have a corporate job, I’d have a hairdo just like yours.” A girl admired my peach-colored hair band and blue scarf, telling me I was “power clashing.” I didn’t even know that was a thing, but I knew she loved me. cause she gave me a love-look, her eyes all big, and her mouth all smiley. When I get sick of being adorable, I stand up and turn my tail to the crowd. Some people wonder if I’m shy or if they’ve done something wrong. They can’t read my signs the way you can. You know I’m telling you it’s time to go home.

People show me their cell-phone photos. “Our dog is a Yorkie named Tarzan. We wanted to give him a big dog name.” I don’t think that dog would make it in the jungle, but he makes her happy so the name works. On our way down to parking, a vendor says, “A lot of dogs walk by and I don’t even care, but Oliver, now HE’S a dog I could get behind!”

I’m careful not to ruin everyone’s impression of me. We work to relieve stress and bring joy. If I were home, I’d jump up three feet and make it clear how I feel. It might scare some people. In public, I restrain myself. When I get home, I steal your best shoes, hide your mittens, throw up on the rug, counter-surf for a snack. But, on the job, I am so chill.

Oliver’s Advice: It’s okay to show your good side in public. People don’t have to know everything.

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