I have two big woofs today. The first one is something I learned from a vendor at the airport where we go to provide calm amidst the chaos in their program Airport Ambassadors—Wag more; bark less. Do you get it? I keep working on barklessness, but it’s impossible for me, especially when I see skateboards. They won’t be herded, that’s part of my problem with them.

But, that’s not the whole subject of my woof today. I fooled you. My other woof has to do with fluidity, going with the flow. I’m here to tell you I am gender fluid. That’s right. I’m here to announce I am a boy but it doesn’t offend me the least little bit if you think I am a girl. I wear a rubber band on top of my head, wrapped into a sprout which comes in all colors, including pink and other pastels, which, BTW, were once very popular for boys in the early twentieth century. I wear it so I can see everything better, not just to look cute. I love it when you put up my hair. 

Just so you, my reading audience, know. My scarves also come in all colors…you name it. My wag swagger is boy/girl. I can really swish my hips. I’ve just plain got it, regardless of my gender. 

People always ask, “Is it a boy or girl?” When they refer to me as “it,” they are thinking I can’t speak for myself and am just a neutral being. Well, we know that’s not true, don’t we? So, you always say, “Oliver is a boy.” But, even if you said I’m a girl, people would still think I’m adorable, so, really what difference does it all make? I want to be called by my name: OLIVER.

I will tell you about my dad, your sweetie, in another blog.

Advice from Oliver: Care less about gender and more about wagging.

5 thoughts on “WAGMORE–BARKLESS

  1. Louie will have to get some tutoring from Oliver. We are headed home from AZ on Tuesday, 2 1/2 days in the car…..oh, joy! 🥵 Getting hot here. Thinking of you and sending ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Dear Oliver, Thanks for your recent post. I love the photo of you and your Dad, Eddy. You both look great.

    Yes, you look really cute and if you hadn’t have mentioned it, I would not have paid attention to the color of your pink ribbon. Perhaps I would have, but the main thing is you and of course Oliver is a boy’s name, so those of us who know that could care less about the color of your ribbons and scarves. I love color and especially pastels, so I certainly would not be bothered about the gender confusions you mention. And neither should you.

    Happy wagging.

    Say hi to Carolyn

    Love Ginette

    PS. Earlier today I barked because I was annoyed and even angry, which did not make me feel good, so I am going to take your good wagging advice and try to prevent reactive barking. G



    1. Dear Oliver,
      You nailed it buddy! Humans just don’t get it. We of the furry world know who is a good guy and those who we stay away from. I, being a girl who wears a black and silver collar, am often mistaken for a member of the boys club.

      All that aside, I think that you are very handsome! No barking required to make how seeing you and your Dad makes me miss both of you. Hi to your beautiful Mom, I miss her too.

      Your friend,


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