THE MOST FUN THING: My snow ring


After rubbing my face over and over making little tunnels on the lake, I made snowballs in a thick delicious ring around my nose. Running and rolling in the snow is my most fun thing.

Today we invited a cute little hound named Wanda to go running on the lake with us. She looked fast, but she was kindof a scaredy-dog.. Her parents were very surprised to find out I am seven years old. If I didn’t run around outside so much, Wanda would have kept up with me, but I ran circles around her and she couldn’t keep up. Fresh air keeps me young.

I have long hair, so I don’t need a sweater or jacket. Just fur–my own long silky fur. I am plenty warm.

On Valentine’s Day, we went to the airport and I set a record for myself. I let 244 people pet me. I have a lot of valentines, the most ever in my lifetime. Then it was time to go home, At home, I lay on the floor for awhile, but you said we needed to go outside to play with our favorite girl dogs named Iris and Daisy.

They are part of our extended family. They are bigger than I am, but, oh, Dog, do we ever have fun running around and chasing after each other. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are really fast. Iris thinks she’s a kangaroo, but Daisy knows she’s a dog. Together we are a trio of tricksters, leaping over each others backs (Daisy and Iris) and barking and nipping at heels (me).

Advice from Oliver: You could look as handsome and happy as I am if you went outside every day and played in the snow.

2 thoughts on “THE MOST FUN THING: My snow ring

  1. Oliver you are such a character. But Nina had fun with you at the dog park. Have your mom take you there again when she gets home from California.Tell Carolyn to enjoy the stay out west.


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