I have to share you with the Biscuit. It is not easy but I am a good and generous dog-boy. 

You and he disappeared for awhile and I was very lonesome. Before you left, I smelled Old Pines,our lake home deep in the earth that smells delicious. You demonstrated all the signs of leaving:sacks of food, little bags of assorted things, going up and down the stairs many times. I was all excited and jumped around, getting ready to get in the back seat of our car, but you left me with Dad. I love Dad but it isn’t the same without you and that big bundle of fur you call Biscuit. Most days I just call him “kid.”

I waited by the back door for several days and finally I heard a familiar sound—the garage door going up and your car driving in and the engine stopping. Finally.

Biscuit was the first to greet me. Then, you came in. I hugged you and hugged you and hugged you and you hugged me back. Just to make sure you weren’t leaving me again, I hugged you some more. You uncurled my legs from your leg and I barked and barked and we all climbed the stairs.

Together again. 

We love each other. No matter what.

Advice from Oliver: If you wait patiently and share nicely, good things come to you.

7 thoughts on “SHARING

  1. What a beautiful reunion story. We always need to know that our loved ones will come back. Oliver never doubted.


  2. Hello Oliver,

    I understand you well. Glad Mom is back and you can enjoy each other again.

    Sending love from Los Angeles



    1. Ginette, We miss you. I would love to hear you today later. Any chance? Love, Oliver’s mother

      Sent from my iPhone



  3. Another wonderful observation—a life lesson, even—from Oliver. As a character created by you, Carolyn, he is so completely and thoroughly ‘convincing’, that I now can hear his voice as he narrates his stories. Thank You for continuing to share him with the rest of us!


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