I love to kayak. As soon as you put my life preserver on and zip it up, I know we are ready. First you alert your friend to the proper rules of embarkation and disembarkation. It is important to sit on the dock first, swing your legs over, and then crouch down, leaning forward, to get in safely. I am next and you are last. Both oars paddle gently across the quiet lake. I rest my head on the side of the boat while you set your oar in the water. I am careful not to get restless and move around too much and tip the boat. My life preserver would help me keep my head above water because I have so much hair, I could sink. I observe all the rules of water safety, When you say lie down, I obey you.

We look at a lot of things on the lake. We see the muskrat lodge. We see the beautiful delicate white water lilies. We see the big flat green lily pads with an occasional turtle head or frog resting on them.
We hear the water lapping against the side of the kayak. We feel the water when it drips off the oar onto our feet. We hear the loons flying overhead. We visit people along the shore and listen to their how-are-you stories. We feel the warm sun on our noses. We are the only kayak on the lake. I am the only dog.

Oliver’s Advice: Take your dogs on many adventures. It will make them very happy.

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