You thought I needed a brother. I greeted him all-pawed as I do everyone. He hid under a chair. I don’t know why.

You pay a lot of attention to him. I thought you were all mine. 

I like him fine. He likes me a lot and keeps sniffing under my fur. When he bites my fur, I walk a little faster.

The first night he cried every few hours. When you or Dad got up to take him out, you let me come out too. I lifted my leg right over his. That was fun. The world has to know who’s in charge.

Yesterday, he left the cage empty and went away in Stephanie’s car. I don’t know if he’s coming back.

I’m thinking about him. He wasn’t here very long. 

Advice from Oliver: Being a big brother is a lot of work. Not every dog is cut out for it.

2 thoughts on “BELVEDERE AND I

  1. It’s all right Oliver. I know how you feel. He was a stranger in your house for the night. He is a baby and he cried. That would make me feel uncomfortable too. The good news is that he is really cute, and I bet he will grow up to be as nice person as you are

    Your friend,


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