As soon as you pick up the oars and have me step into the orange leg holes and zip me up, I race down to the water and try to jump in the kayak before you’re ready. It’s very hard to control my joy.

Here I am in a kayak with you and cousin Sammy, wearing my life preserver. I sit very well and try not to wiggle, even when I see things that make me twirl and jump around.

If I go swimming, I break out in a rash. If I race around in the woods, I get Lyme’s ticks in my extra-long hair. Sometimes, it’s hard to be me. I have to watch from the porch when other dogs get to go swimming and chase around the yard. But, I am a very good boy. I try hard and I have to work at it. I’m happy to be in the company of dogs and people who accept me.

Advice from Oliver: Even when I’m different from other dogs, you still love me exactly as I am, and I love you. No one’s perfect.

6 thoughts on “OUR CABIN

  1. hello Oliver,

    I have just returned from Jerusalem. Jet lagged. What a treat to have your latest message from the canoe ride. You certainly enjoy a variety of fun activities with Carolyn. You are a luck dog. the saying is lucky fish, but am not sure if you’ll get it being as you are a dog. you know what I mean? About an hour ago I looked at your photo on my fridge and sent you a telepathic salutation. You obviously got it and here you are. Thanks and here are a couple of woofs for you. Say hi to Carolyn

    Love from Ginette in Los Angeles.


    1. Bonjour, ma petite, Merci pour la lettre a Oliver. Tu as lui fait tres heureux. Il dort en voiture a ce moment. Nous irons a chez nous encore. Il fait tres beau en dehors, mais il fait tres chaud.

      Beaucoup d’ amour. Carolyn Sent from my iPhone



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