I am very afraid of all noises that sound like guns. I am not the type of dog that fetches ducks in the water after someone has shot them dead. As you can see by the photo above, I like to be close to my family. I am a herding dog. Baa, baa sheep—that type of dog. There is a big difference between me and a golden retriever. My tail wags and I bark with excitement at the prospect of rounding up errant animals, including human beings. Fetching dead feathered things after someone has pulled a trigger and then leaping into the water to bring it back to my person with a soft mouth—not so much.

Fireworks come under the category of scary sounds The fourth of July means many things to many people. To me, it means I take cover in the back of my cage behind the furnace, which drowns out the sound of fireworks. I like music too, especially cello, piano or guitar. 

In the photo above, I am with Eleanor, my favorite Minnesota girl. We are being peaceful, quiet, and loving on the lake. I love Eleanor. I love being quiet on the lake where all we hear is our kayak paddle and our kayak moving through the water and the lily pads. Sometimes, if we’re very lucky, we’ll see loons. We try to get just close enough not to scare them but close enough to see the beautiful white spots sprinkled on their backs.

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing. Dogs like me, who are already very sensitive, can be permanently traumatized by fearful noises. Believe it or not, we get PTSD. Just ask my predogcessors, Shadrach and Samoset, two fine dogs who leap around in doggie heaven—that is, if you can make yourself heard that far.

You already know, if you’ve been reading my blog, that skateboards are anathema. 

I have been very sensitive lately to other wheels as well. Rollerblades, scooters, segues, all of those awful inventions that sneak up behind me when I’m not looking. Terrible. Awful. It’s as though you have lifted my extra long ears and blasted me with the worst sound imaginable directly into my neurological system leading to my brain. Remember that next time you plan to light off a firecracker or plug in your little white wires and skateboard down my sidewalk.

Advice from Oliver: Please be sensitive and respectful. I am a dog, and you have a lot of power to overwhelm my delicate sensibility. 

11 thoughts on “GUNSHOTS

  1. Oliver,
    It’s me, Issy. I hear you buddy, big noises make me run and hide too. Thankfully I live where there are no skateboarding or roller bladers. Almost everyone here is to old for those new stupid toys.Some people just don’t get our inner feelings, they think we are just dogs. Do they have a lot to learn!

    I see that you are out on the lake, lucky you. I personally do not like the water. My mom and dad tried to get me into the pool, that wasn’t going to happen. I, like you have a water thing, keep it away from me except for a bath or a big bowl with ice cubes. It is hot outside and I don’t like it, so an ice cube is a real treat.

    I am sending you a small present very soon. You earned it, so be nice to the mailman, he is the messenger.

    Got to go out now, you know, this house has no indoor bathroom for me, got to go.

    Your friend,


    1. Dear Issy, Stay cool, my Nevada pal. Thank you for being my faithful friend. We’re leaving again in a few hours. We drive a lot in the summer and Mom keeps a bowl of ice. cubes for me too. 🐾🐾

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  2. Hi Oliver,
    I like the photo of you in the canoe with that girl. Who is she? she looks like one of Carolyn’s grand kids or nieces?

    You certainly get to do a lot of different fun things. Yep, I also don’t like loud noises.

    Sending you cool wishes before the summer heat breaks into the day.

    Love from Ginette in LA


    1. That is Eleanor, my sweet, beautiful granddaughter. Thank you for the good wishes. The same to you. 🐾🐾

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  3. Belvedere here, Ollie. Anyone will tell you I’m the mellowest dog ever, keeping my equanimity in situations that would rattle many other canines. But the 4th of July fireworks jolted me into panic. There was no quiet hiding place so I paced the floor till the trauma ended. Glad you found a quiet space.


  4. Hi Oliver,
    Fortunately July 4th is behind us. I don’t like loud noises either especially when unexpected. It’s good that you know how to protect yourself! Glad that you aren’t the kind of dog to pick up dead ducks. XO Diane


  5. LOVE THAT DOG. Yes I know how sensitive, when I was dating we didn’t have a phone,but when the dogs started barking I know that my date would be here soon, To them it ment they could go hunting..


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