The above photo shows me with Daddy. I am behaving very well. We are showing off a pamphlet of some dog parks nearby. I haven’t been there yet, but I wanted you, my reading public, to know what is available for you if you feel like running around off leash.

Yesterday, you counted the number of times we drove to Old Pines…18. That’s 36 times this summer by my calculations. I had to watch you very closely to make sure you didn’t forget me when you packed the car. Sometimes, it was necessary for me to jump in and lie down among the grocery bags.

One of the best times of the summer up at Old Pines was what I call the Secret Snatching Caper. You had just eaten from the big and beautiful plate on the dining room table. I’ve never had that type of food before. You left quite an array of amazing sniffs on the table. After you and your friends had gone back outside on the deck, I ever-so carefully and secretly snatched what I could really fast. I made no noise except when I quietly licked my lips with my tongue. It was delicious, much better than my usual fare of sweet potato-venison kibble. When you came back in to get more food, I sat up, all four paws placed nicely, very innocently, under my beautiful body. I am an excellent snatcher—furtive, delicate, discriminating. I left all the cheese and cilantro. I took only the pastrami, salami and other such delicacies.

            You were not happy. Neither were the very nice people who brought all those marvelous muncheries to us in Wisconsin. Lip-smacking. Truly. I may not get another chance to partake of that fare again.

            Another fun time shortly thereafter was when you and Dad and I were parked in the Byerly’s grocery store lot. I was unleashed in the back, and it was very hot. You disappeared into the store. Dad opened the back gate and turned his back on me for just an instant. I hopped out of the car and hot-footed it toward the automatic doors. I held my head high and pranced right in through two sets of doors, as if I owned the joint. I smelled something exactly like the marvelous munchery meats I discovered at Old Pines. Oh, dog!! I saw a big sign that said DELI and sat down in front of the meat case like a good boy, offering up one of my finest smiles. 

            Before the lovely apron ladies had a chance to reward me, Daddy reappeared and my second summer caper, Escape into Byerly’s, was over.

            I don’t know what fall will bring. I hope it’s just as exciting. Please stay put for awhile, will you? It’s hard to keep up with your comings and goings. 

Advice from Oliver: Have as much fun as you can at all times. You never know where it may lead.

3 thoughts on “WHAT I DID THIS SUMMER

  1. Sorry Oliver, there are NO merit badges for food snatching or Byerly’s entry without a parent. Do your best this fall and be extra good and Issy might reward you. Tell your mom and dad hi and give them each a big kiss from Jay and me. We are in Madrid, Spain this week, back on Monday.

    Love from Issy, Jay and Bunny


    1. Dear Bunny. Jay and Issy, Have a sunny time in Madrid, Woof, woof and I will try to be a good pooch. Love, Oliver

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