I have a new friend named Walnut. He is very small. He lives in the yard of an old friend named Susan. Susan has always had cats. When we went to her house, I ran to her back door to look for her cats. I could smell them, but they didn’t come to the door. Instead, I had to settle for this little white fluff ball you called Walnut.

You brought Susan a magazine called “How Dogs Think.” You thought she might need it since she has only had one dog in her lifetime and cats don’t think. You also brought Walnut a red squeaky ball but he could hardly get his mouth around it. His mouth might grow. I never tried to take Walnut’s new ball because he looked like he couldn’t defend himself against my big beautiful pink mouth.

I like Walnut because he doesn’t jump up on me the way so many puppies do. He sits and watches me. If I lift my leg on a bush, his tiny eyes focus on me but he doesn’t come too close. I like that in a puppy–distance. He is about as big as I was when I was born. You were very happy I was on my best behavior with Walnut. Mostly I ignored him. There was another dog next door behind a fence. She was much more my size, but she couldn’t come over because Susan said two dogs was plenty.

Since it was Susan’s yard, I couldn’t whine about it, especially since one little dog is better company than none at all. I had to settle for Walnut, the little staring dog. Susan is very happy to have Walnut the same way you are happy to have me. Dogs come in all sizes. Walnut is little and I am big. We are both very good dogs. Actually, we look good together, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “NEW FRIENDS

  1. Dear Oliver,
    I am happy to have your news which is always interesting. Your comments are straight from your heart. You have a unique way of expressing yourself. Woof woof. It’s almost as if you are a born writer. You don’t say much but stick to the point or topic you are sharing. You have a wry sense of humor. Is it dog humor? People should learn from you. Oh, and you are quite photogenic. That helps. Yes, your blogs are a lovely thing to receive, they cheer us up in a charming way. Thank you for sending them. Send love to your mom and dad when you remember.

    Many woofs,

    from Ginette in Los Angeles


  2. Love your new buddy, Walnut. Very cute.
    Hopefully you can be back on the job in the near future. Travelers need your welcoming face and gentle furry hello.


    1. I’m glad you are my friend, Bill. Thank you for your words. Love, Oliver

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