Me and the Heat

Yes, I know this isn’t the most grammatical title in the world, but it’s assonant. That means the vowels repeat (me, heat, repeat) themselves. I just wanted to send out a quick word to let you know that lest you think you’re the only dog with problems, know that I walk around every day with a heavy fur coat on my back, which is no fun in the terrible heat. I can’t go swimming because I itch so much afterwards that I need an anti-itch pill called Apoquel, and I’m up all night biting myself with my sharp canines. I have sharp canines because I am a sharp canine.

The “quell” part of Apoquel is what the pill does to stop me from itching. It works somewhat. It doesn’t take away my itch to go in to the lake and feel the lake all around my body. I love to swim. It’s like floating in heaven on a liquid cloud. I am sending you a photo of me hanging off the edge of the dock, hoping you will let me go in. We debate almost daily whether it is worth it…to swim or not to swim. Every once in a while you let me go in to the lake, under strict supervision. Today you said no again and only let me watch you. I am tied up on the dock where I watch you swimming. That makes us both sad. I know you wish I didn’t have itchy skin so we could swim together.

This is what is called a dilemma.

Advice from Oliver: Sometimes it’s no fun to wait. I am a hopeful dog. That’s just one of the many reasons you love me. Maybe today I can go swimming. If not today, maybe tomorrow. Hoping is hard work.

9 thoughts on “Me and the Heat

  1. Kurry Kaplan loves to swim but is afraid to go all the way in the pool. “I don’t like nothing under my feet even though my cousin Dixie dives right in,” she says.


  2. Oh, Oliver I’m so sorry you itch…no fun. Your Mom takes good care of you and loves you a bushel and a peck…that means no limit of her love for you.


  3. Hi Oliver, I enjoy reading your thoughts on life. I’m thinking you might enjoy walking Bredesen on Olinger off. Ernon in Edina – it’s shady and woodsy, right in the middle of the city. Ask your mom to call me and I can meet you there😘

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    1. Diane, I am writing on behalf of Oliver. I won’t be home until the 18th. Please call for a walk then. Thank you. I found the empath book interesting and will return both to you then. Love, Carolyn

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