So Much Time to Walk


Sometimes I feel low. It could be my vantage point.

I leap up when it’s time to go outside again. I jump right up in your face so you know how happy I am. You grab my harness, put baggies in your pocket for my unmentionables, and tuck treats in your other pocket to tempt me in case I hear a skateboard. You throw a hat on your head, tie a mask around your face, and off we go.

I am so happy. I can never get enough walking. We walk with a lot of friends. I smell them all.

They smell good to me. Every single one. They pat me and say, “HELLO, Oliver!!”

If it’s hot when we walk, I get tired and thirsty. Last week, we walked a very long way. You told me it was 5 and a half miles. Woof. I was hungry and thirsty. I am a sheepdog and I wear a heavy fur coat. We try to talk far away from other people so they don’t bump into us. Halfway through our very long walk, we found a lake and I waded in and slurped up the lake water. When we got in the car, you gave me ice in my metal bowl. It felt good in my mouth. Thank you.

I slept for a long time the next day.

My life is good. I am a lucky dog. I have you. You are lucky you have me.

I wish everyone could be so lucky.

Advice from Oliver: Walking keeps the lows away. Try it.

4 thoughts on “So Much Time to Walk

  1. Yes, you and your Mom are both very lucky to have each other. I would love to meet you in person with my 3 lucky sidekicks.Maybe sometime you will come walk in my woods and fileds with Gretchen,Rusty & Autumn!


  2. Oliver! I was so happy to hear from you! I just said to your mom’s cousin Dan that we hadn’t heard from you in a while and Kurry and I were worried about you. You haven’t met Kurry yet but she has heard all about you and hopes you will visit soon. Love, Rory


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