He tries to imitate me, but his voice is not as powerful as mine.

He hasn’t got the swagger down either. You know the one I mean, where I steal your favorite slipper

and look slyly over my shoulder, and take you on a merry chase around the house.

You don’t think it’s as funny as I do.

Biscuit is catching on. I also noticed he’s climbing stairs better now— 

one stair per paw rather than two front paws and then two rear paws.


…when I greet the UPS guy, taking the package in my caliper-like teeth and chasing to the kitchen for a treat

…when I snatch the newspaper at 6 am from the front porch…

…when I stand at attention from the window seat, surveying the landscape across the street…

…when I perch on top of your bed with Pig—in charge— for all practical purposes…

And Biscuit, well, he’s just a puppy.

I, as you can see in the photograph, am a big, hairy, beautiful beast. 

We play tug and he is strong.

We walk together in the morning before the sun is up.

We greet dogs that are all the way down the block.

He tries to assist me with my jobs.

You take him to Obedience and when he gets home

I demonstrate to him which rules to follow and

which ones to ignore.

He started Agility and the jury is out on that one.

I didn’t get very far in it myself.

All in all, Biscuit hasn’t fully found his voice

We have a special chorus to be used when there are

threatening circumstances passing by our house.

I bark. He yips. I bark, bark. He yip, yips.

I bark, bark, bark. He yip, yip, yips. 

Biscuit is coming along.

Biscuit is still in sotto voce, but he is working on

tutto volume.

I don’t think I ever told you I speak Italian.

Advice from Oliver: Learn Italian to spice up your speeches. A soft voice is not as strong

as a loud GROWF!

9 thoughts on “BISCUIT HAS FOUND HIS VOICE…almost

  1.  Dear Oliver, A most enjoyable account of the serious responsibility of conducting the education of a proper city dog-in-progress. A personal favorite is your reference to those rules which need to be followed and those which can be consigned to needlepoint projects. Everyone stay well. D


  2. I’m so glad you are willing to help Biscuit to learn the finer points of becoming the perfect dog pet ,ike you are. that is very generous og you, Oliver. Of course I knew you would be a perfect big brother.
    Good work!


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