Out of Paw

The world is slightly out of paw.

I should be more specific:

As these photographs attest, Biscuit, in particular, is growing out of paw.

He was under my tutelage for a very short time. He is only six months old and he is is going

for the heavyweight championships.

It’s hard to keep a good Beardie down. Since he is my nephew, I cannot denigrate him.

That would not be good breeding. If you forgot what denigrate means, please use a dictionary.

I cannot name all the many good things about Biscuit, but my favorite thing is that he lets me lick the

last morsel of puppy food from his bowl when he is all done. While I am licking his remains, he licks mine.

It’s a great deal for both of us. Dogteam work.

His voice changed the same day he tried to lift his leg by a tree. He kept his big deepening bark,

but he hasn’t lifted his leg ever since. Maybe he dribbled, I don’t really know.

I fully expect him to try it again soon. I demonstrate for him constantly, but he isn’t ready yet.

Certain things take time and practice.

Advice from Oliver: Sampling other dogs’ food is an expanding experience. Try it.

6 thoughts on “Out of Paw

  1. Hi Oliver,
    We miss you and your parents and look foward to meeting your younger brother. It’s interesting to watch someone grow and learn isn’t it? We’re doing the same with our new little granddaughter who is finally taking her first independent steps!
    Lots of love,


    1. Thank you, Margaret. When you have time, Oliver and I would love to hear about your new, more perfect dog.

      Sent from my iPhone



  2. Brilliant, as usual. I realize that I’m biased, knowing both you and Oliver, but I believe you have totally ‘nailed’ (a weird verb maybe, but worth a try using it here) both the spirit and the voice of Oliver. In every episode of his saga I’m totally convinced that I am indeed listening to the speech inside his intrepid little canine head!


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