We’ve Been Suspended


This will be short: I’ve had to hang up my special scarf and leash for awhile. We’ve been suspended. I wouldn’t lie down on command during my re-evaluation for Therapy Dog re-licensure. No airport. No University. No official work with people to let them pet me. No distribution of my business cards. We hope this is a temporary situation. It better be. I will try very hard to do what everyone wants I can get what I want too. That’s what is called a woof-woof or win-win.

I know you are trying your best to help me pass the test. We are taking lessons from a very special teacher named Patti who makes you laugh. I remember her from when I was a puppy. I like the way she smells. Like bacon. Yes. She has it in the pocket of her vest. She gave you some today during class because you did something nice for her. I don’t know what it was. I’m only a dog and I don’t know everything. At least not people stuff. I know a lot about dog stuff.

Patti remembers me too. She is very patient. We take our test again soon. I am very sad, as you can see from my picture, taken with Biscuit and our dear friend Raven. I am getting help working through this period. Biscuit leaps and jumps all over me. He fights with me over sticks. You walk with me around the lake and sometimes you take me to a neighboring field where I can run free and forget it all. That helps me a lot.

All I can say is, we’re going to try harder to pass the test in March.

Advice from Oliver: Neither one of us likes to quit .I’ll keep trying as long as you do.

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