Whew! Talk about stress. All these people were sitting around on chairs looking at me.

I did not like it. It was really hard to pay attention when you asked me to follow you around

and lie down when you told me to. I like to lie down when I feel like lying down which I

demonstrated right in the middle of the test. I needed to show them I could lie down. One of my

distractions was the distinct smell of bacon on the table behind the nice lady who kept telling us

what to do.

I wanted the bacon in a big way. That was a problem because you wouldn’t give me any. I am

used to getting treats when I do what you want, and sometimes even just because I’m so cute.

The third time you asked me to lie down, you smoothed the hair back away from my eyes and I

could see your eyes, and your eyes showed me love and patience and confidence that you knew

I was just kidding all along. I knew what to do. So I did it.

Now we can go back to the airport and back to the University of Minnesota, and well, just a lot

of places where I love to go sporting my special “North Star Therapy Dog” scarf and leash. You

wear your badge that says Pet Partners. I am your partner. I’ll always be your partner. I may be

nine years old, but we ain’t done yet.

Advice from Oliver: If you don’t pass the first time, you may need to go back to school to be a better dog. I know I did, and we’re better off for it. You gave me lots of treats and love afterwards, but you would’ve done that anyway.

16 thoughts on “WE PASSED!!

  1. Congratulations, Oliver! I knew that you could do it! I am so proud of you. The airport and U of M people will be so happy to see you again. I know that you have been missed. Great work!


  2. Way to go Oliver. I tested today too and I didn’t lay down until the third time. I passed too but I didn’t smell any bacon. Where is it now. Bacon would be a nice thing to make me feel better after a stressful test. My mom says this is my last one because I am already 11.


  3. Hello Oliver,

    looks like you succeeded treats and all. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

    You are lucky to have such a devoted champion of a Mom. Hurrah, Hooray, Yippie to you both. and of course a few bark hug-kudos,

    Ginette from Los Angeles


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