A lot has happened in our lives. It’s been very hard to write. You and Dad have spent a lot of time crying. Sometimes, your voices get very loud and then you cry some more. I don’t know who needs me more–you or Dad, so I go to my Daddy and put a paw up on his lap and look at him dolefully. He thinks we need to go outside, so he leashes me up and takes me out and, it’s true, it does make both of us feel better for awhile. Snow smells extra good when we walk outside. That helps too.

Your crying hasn’t stopped but it has diminished. (I have a very large vocabulary, in case you forgot).

We lost a human member of our family–my Uncle Josh. He loved me. I loved him. One of my predogcessors, Cedars, was buried with him. Cedars watched over Josh as long as he could.

I am an uncle to Biscuit, our new puppy, who came to live with us. I am learning to love Biscuit who is a little brown Beardie. He doesn’t play like a big dog yet, but I’m teaching him. He learns fast. He’s almost up on the window seat already, where we can look at the world together.

Biscuit is a happy spirit who makes us laugh. His whole name is Brown Biscuit, Liberty for All. He is way too small for me to crash around after him full bore around the house, but I keep trying anyway. I chase him, sliding around on the wood floor, and he hides under the dining room table, where he can’t reach me.


Biscuit shares his toys with me and I share my toys with him. We try to keep him in one place, but he is a very good climber, as you can see. Pretty soon, he’ll be able to climb over the gate.

Advice from Oliver: Humans need dogs and dogs need humans. We have learned to domesticate one another.

19 thoughts on “Biscuit

      1. Hi, Laurie, Oliver walks, generally at 9 am. Biscuit will not be ready for walks for many months. He hasn’t had his second shot yet and can’t go off the property. Call next week, Laurie, and we can meet up. We’re very close. Carolyn



  1. Thank you, Olli, for bringing comfort to your family, and for welcoming Biscuit. The two of you will be sources of joy in the healing months ahead.


  2. Hi Oliver,
    It sounds like you are doing a good job with your parents and your new family member, Biscuit. I wish we could come for a visit to give big hugs and kisses to your parents. Someday soon we will be able to travel safely again! Keep sharing your wonderful love and exuberance for the world. Big hugs to all!


  3. Oliver, you really are a wonderful therapy dog and we know you will teach Biscuit to be the same. We echo Diane’s sentiments regarding travel and hope you (and your family) will come for hugs from us.
    Rory and Dan and Kurry IV.


  4. So sorry to hear about Josh. In this difficult time for all of us, especially hard to lose a family member. And Biscuit is soooo Cute! Thanks for the pix and news. Susan Kennedy and Maggie (the half OES)


  5. Dear Carolyn, Your most recent “Oliver Speaks” was exceptional! It said so much in so few well chosen words. Biscuit is absolutely adorable!! We all need dogs in our lives as do dogs need us. It’s a beautiful relationship. With love, Margaret

    Margaret Ward 406-570-0652



  6. Oliver’s recent post is beautiful and honest. He speaks the truth. How wonderful to have Biscuit arrive at such an apt time.Aren’t our dogs the best therapy! My heart goes out to you all.
    With love, Ellie


  7. WOW Carrie…How much I LOVE Oliver’s latest very heart warming post, featuring your new adorable puppy “Biscuit” during this immensely painful time in your family’s lives! Indeed, all the unconditional love from our pooches brings incredible healing and profound joy to help us move on…. ♥️♥️♥️


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